Help for people with ME/CFS in and around Stockport

We have mobility aids both to loan or purchase.

Available to loan

4 Hand pushed wheelchairs, all of which fold down for transporting i.e. in the boot of a car or on the train. One of these has extended handles suitable for a tall ‘pusher’.

1 Robust, fixed wheelchair which can be propelled by the user with your hands to turn the wheels (a la Tani Gray-Thompson )

1 Glideabout, this is an indoor wheelchair which can be propelled by the user either by paddling along with your feet or pulling along with your hands.

1 Cane High Chair with a swivel seat, ideal for use in the kitchen to sit on when preparing meals.

Available to purchase

Walking stick/seat

The extra aid to getting out and about!!

The sticks provide a steadying aid and support whilst walking,
then they fold out to form a substantial seat to sit on.
They are lightweight yet strong enough to take anyone up to 23 ½ stones.

Recommendation comes from numerous previous purchasers from SMEG!!!
Several say “I would never go anywhere without it”, some are even internationally travelled.
Indeed our own previous chairman took his sightseeing around Scotland with him recently.

There are two designs:

Both models can be manufactured longer, the seat remains the same height, just the walking height is increased.

Please note: Members may have seen similar products at much the same price or even slightly cheaper, however experience has proved that these are of inferior quality and neither so sturdy or durable. This is why we choose to purchase this make for our members.

There is also an upgraded version of the stick/seat. This has a removable ferrule on the legs which reveals a 2” spike making them ideal for outdoor use on soft ground. The ferrules can be replaced for hard ground and indoor use. The cost for these will be £26 to S.M.E.G. members and £31 to non-members.

For details of who to contact regarding these items see Regular Reminders on the front page in your latest copy of Hermes.

Don't forget that members can access copies of Hermes here on the website in our message board.

Remember several local outdoor attractions have motorized wheelchairs as well as hand pushed ones available to borrow. You may need to telephone in advance to be sure of one being free at the time you want it.

Kareen Dayes

Other information regarding mobility aids and items to assist everyday Activities of Daily Living (ADL), click here


Seat Height: 18in/460mm 
Walking Height: 33in/840mm 
Approx Weight: 27oz/750gm 

£25 for SMEG members (virtually wholesale)
£30 for non-members: (including postage)